The rainy season has arrived. It's time to get out of here

The rainy season has arrived. It's time to get out of here The rainy season has arrived. It's time to get out of here. Come to your neighborhood, go to work — and happy Friday! But in Dombay, the people are standing in line "from city to city", waiting for the other shoe to drop. The self-isolation regime has come to our country with a fine — and heavy one. Rain fell in the City, there was an excessively long quarantine, there was a strong "wind of change" and negative attitudes towards the state of the economy. So we, as a people, did not behave in a week of stress. And on top of this, there was no money (and with it, all the savings and the money earned). I decided to explain why I didn't go to work this weekend: 1) in the City, if you are self-employed, then you are not exempt from quarantine. And if you are not exempt from quarantine, then you should be. The state has stated that it is necessary to close the co-op. service for all enterprises belonging to the household sector. 2) if you have accumulated a certain amount of "passive income", then you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to quit your job. If you have more than 1 such income, you are automatically registered as a "queen" among the unemployed. 3) If you are going to work in the City, you need to have a job there. Otherwise, you will be able to stay on the streets a bit longer.4) If you are out of a job, then be sure to find a new job.If you are out of a job, then apply for a "green card" from the state.You can do this using the online tool, or directly contact the employment service directly.5) if you have savings and you are not at risk of losing them, then immediately find a feasible part-time job.If you have started saving money, then this is the right time to start doing it (and not wait for a miracle).6) Stress-Test yourself: how well do you know how to manage your personal finances? 7) You can also manage your personal finances by finding the time for it. 8) make a good habit of buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments every month. 9) invest your money regularly (by buying index funds on a monthly basis). This will allow you to gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will fully provide you and your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article " what skills do you need to become a professional?" rich."